Cost per Student N$ 3,200.00 Excl VAT


DB Space Office.
Unit 8
Southern Industrial Park
10 Daimler Street.
(see map below


  • Molex Student Kit
  • Manual
  • Meals

Become a Molex Business Partner.

The client/installer is required to go to the below portal:


1. Request a Login account

2. Complete the Registration form with correct details

3. Reason ( If New, Join the Molex Business Partner Program or existing BP, then Existing Business Partner)

4. Once received logon details and created password a BP Registration is to be Created

5. Correct company information is to be created and then SAVE

6. Create a Training Request for the technicians that will be sent to the training, Save/Submit

The 2 day training course would be the BP100 Training course.

After all of this the client should have a BPPIIENXXXX number as well as a TRNIIIENXXXXnumber.

This two numbers will be required for Certification of the staff member attending the Molex BP100course.